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Our vision is to provide the greater Pacific Northwest area with a premier natural health and wellness center that utilizes highly skilled practitioners, first class facilities, and a compassionate team dedicated to serving our patients. We strive to meet our patients' needs by providing an accessible, affordable, and convenient path to choosing a wellness based lifestyle.

Our focus at The Health Connection is to assist our patients to achieve their health care goals with proper spinal health and by encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are interested in relieving a specific condition, improving your athletic performance, or recovering from an injury, we'll help you get your life back on track.

Our patient center approach of using state of the art technology combined with good old-fashioned care and compassion helps our patients to achieve their health care goals faster.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • All staff is very courteous and professional and listened and acted on my needs.

    - John
  • The reception staff is always helpful and just a pleasure to talk to. My massage therapist, Alice, is exceptional. I always leave feeling that all the areas of concern have been addressed and ready to continue engaging in activities and exercise which is part of my daily routine. I highly recommend the Health Connection.

    - Miguel
  • The one and only place, I will ever go to for massage, chiropractic, or cupping to get my body in the right place. The staff are super professional, and friendly. Come here for the best.

    - Jeremy
  • Excellent provider of massage therapy . Since Breaking my back, I have been going regularly. Their services have done wonders for me. Everyone in the office is pleasant and professional. Yes I would highly recommend them

    - Shawn
  • You are all such wonderful helpful human beings. I always feel well received, cared for, and your service is next to none. I’m so thankful for all that you do for me and my family. We may be paying for a service, but you ago above and beyond and continue to SERVE us like we are guests. Thank you again and again.

    - Greg
  • My first visit was with Nicole Watson.I had been very frustrated in my quest to find a good deep tissue massage therapist. I was extremely impressed with the job she did.I know how difficult the job is and Nicole puts all her effort into it. She was also very experienced and knowledgeable . I couldn't be happier!

    - June
  • I’ve been coming to The Health Connection for more years than I can remember..probably at least 10. Most recently I have been coming for massage therapy (after a compression fracture in my spine. The staff here at the Health Connection are always so kind and helpful. I have been seeing Nicole Watson! She is terrific and very intuitive!!

    - Nell
  • Everyone that works there is extremely friendly and helpful from the wonderful ladies at the front desk to the amazing doctors that take care of you. Will definitely be going back and will recommend to anyone in need!

    - Grayden
  • The staff was so welcoming and explained everything thoroughly. I was nervous going in for the first time because it was a new experience but I felt at ease right away. The staff has a lot of knowledge about all of their services to make sure you get the best care possible.

    - Sarah
  • In all my visits thus far there’s been a consistency of caring service expressed by all staff. On a personal basis, Alice does an excellent job of attending to the aspects of the massage that best address the issues I’ve presented. Beyond being knowledgeable, she always expresses a deep interest in making sure that any issues are addressed in a way that it has my well-being. I always highly recommend Health Connection to anybody I’m talking to about enhancing their ongoing wellness.

    - Miguel
  • Went in several times for pre-natal massage and then brought my son in for an adjustment at 2months. Friendly staff, timely service, and cheerful atmosphere. Doctors seem very knowledgeable and concerned with our well being. I was very pleased with how my son's adjustment went - Dr. E was very gentle and the appointment helped clear up my child's digestion issues almost entirely. We'll be going again in the future for sure

    - Kelly
  • I love this office! Every time I walk in they are so polite, friendly and prompt. Whether it's for acupuncture, chiro or massage they are all wonderful! Even when I had a slight emergency they got me in immediately and have been there for me every step! And with everyone being trained to deal in maternity work it's been a dream! I couldn't imagine not having them thru the end of this pregnancy and so glad my Dr recommended them!!

    - Calley
  • Laura H is the most amazing massage therapist ever. I have been a patient of Health Connection for about 8years. I took a break in between that time and was happy to see Vanessa and Laura who still work here. Laura is booked out a couple of months out and I can’t say enough. She is soo amazing. Deep tissue. Amazing through massage! I can’t express how truly lucky I am to get her every time! Health connection is awesome

    - Thiery
  • Today marks my third or fourth visit, the ladies at the desk are so helpful, and wonderfully nice. I had an issue with my insurance and they were totally easy to work with! The docs are always nice, and personable... every adjustment so far has been great, and I feel amazing after. I'm so comfortable with the staff that I've been kicking around acupuncture, or acupressure . It's nice to find a holistic care team!!!

    - Stephanie
  • I have used the Health Connection during pregnancy for both of my pregnancies. It has always been clean, well organized, and the staff is wonderful. I highly recommend The Health Connection.

    - Annie
  • Do you believe in faeries? Because Lisa is so magical. Accupuncture is something I've always been perched on a fence about, but she has shown me the gilded path to sleep and back pain relief. (Holler back now, LnI.) I've visited a different massage therapist every time, and they are all really good. Also, the receptionists. Kind and easy to talk to. The place is warm and inviting also. I can't say enough great things about my weekly visits. When my kitty passed on, I had to cancel my appointment

    - Leah
  • I have been a patient of Bradley Eyford, DC, since 2003. He adjusts not only spines, but also extremities and restored me to factory specs after remodeling projects, pregnancy, childbirth, an auto accident and activities of living. Other amenities include massage therapy, acupuncture, Thai massage.

    - Aseueh
  • Dr. Eyford is skilled, friendly and his treatments make a difference. The staff are always cheerful, personable and friendly. A very positive place to go.

    - Donna
  • Dr. Bradley Eyford
    Dr. Bradley Eyford
    Doctor of Chiropractic

    [email protected]

    Dr. Bradley Eyford was born and raised in Vancouver BC, Canada. He Graduated from the University of Victoria, in Victoria BC with his Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology in 1998. Soon thereafter, he moved to Portland OR for his post-graduate education at Western States Chiropractic College.

    After graduating Chiropractic College in 2003, he began his practice in Tacoma WA and has been practicing there ever since. As a lifelong patient of Chiropractic care, Dr. Eyford knows and truly values the benefits of the adjustment. It's this knowledge and passion for helping others that drives him in his constant quest to improve the lives of his patients. 

    Dr. Eyford is the owner and clinic director of The Health Connection, Tacoma's premier provider of natural health and wellness. With a background in exercise physiology, and a love of sports, Dr. Eyford utilizes a balanced approach when working with his patients. He has worked extensively with patients of all kinds including elite level athletes, weekend warriors, Monday morning quarterbacks, and aspiring desk jockeys. He has worked extensively with families who choose to incorporate Chiropractic into their regular health and wellness programs. Dr. Eyford has 2 wonderful boys, Jackson and Pearce, working with Children comes naturally for Dr. Eyford.

    Dr. Eyford utilizes state of the art diagnostic equipment, combined with several integrated Chiropractic procedures ranging from low-force techniques to traditional manual Chiropractic adjustments. Our system of analysis is based on the highly regarded and well-researched method of Activator. To enhance our patient's experience and to achieve rapid and lasting results, we use a combination of specific exercises, proper nutritional supplements, and appropriate therapies and home care with our patients.

  • Dr. Dena Long
    Dr. Dena Long
    Doctor of Chiropractic

    Dr. Dena Long has joined our team to provide continual care for our patients when Dr. Eyford is out of the office.

    Dr. Dena Long attended the University of California Santa Barbara, where she was a dance major for 3 years. She then changed direction to become a chiropractor and attended the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree and Doctor of Chiropractic in 1992. She practiced in California for 3 years and then moved to the Pacific Northwest, where she has been practicing for the last 22 years.

    Dr. Dena has been a board member of the Washington State Chiropractic Association for the past 3 years and has spoken at many organizations on the benefits of natural healthcare and chiropractic.

    Her passion is taking care of families and she especially loves taking care of children. Dr. Long has studied multiple techniques and uses hands on techniques, as well as instrument adjusting to provide the very best in healthcare, education and service.

    Dr. Dena and her husband, Dr. Doug Long, live in North Tacoma and have a daughter Madeline and a dog named Kosmo.

  • Dr. Conner Cuevas
    Dr. Conner Cuevas
    Doctor of Chiropractic

    Dr. Conner Cuevas completed his undergraduate studies at Mississippi State University in 2013, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with a focus in Health & Exercise Physiology. He continued his graduate studies at Life University in Marietta, Ga – where he received his Doctorate of Chiropractic in the fall of 2017. Following his formal education, Dr. Cuevas continues to be a student of health, the human frame and the nervous system which animates life as we know it. This passion allows him to educate and instill health into his community using the principles of Chiropractic, laws of nature and the art of healing.

    A native of New Orleans and the Southern Gulf Coast, Dr. Cuevas learned the value of health and wellness from his grandfather at a young age. His message was clear and simple: health is an active, life-long process that requires awareness and involvement. This wisdom is at the core of why Dr. Cuevas has committed himself to serving people of all ages and backgrounds through chiropractic and vitalism, helping those reconnect to their innate wisdom and healing potential. Dr. Cuevas has extensive training and expertise in Upper Cervical analysis and application, low-force and diversified manipulation of the spine and extremities, sports-related injuries and functional movement rehab, Activator and Pediatrics. Aside from the health arena, Dr. Cuevas can be found biking around Seattle, boating, exploring trails and climbing mountains of the Pacific Northwest. He enjoys all things fitness, nutrition, music and art, as well as spending time with his better half Jackie. 


    2013 – Bachelor of Arts (Kinesiology) – Mississippi State University 2017 – Doctor of Chiropractic – Life University in Marietta, Georgia 


    Doctor of Chiropractic, Washington State Department of Health   

    Certification & Techniques: 

    Extensive training in Upper Cervical analysis and application

    Low- Force and Diversified manipulation of the spine and extremity adjusting

    Sports related injury and functional movement rehab

    Activator Methods 

    Pediatric care



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